8 things upcoming artistes need to know.

Most of the up and coming acts in Nigeria perceptibly lack the skills to push their music to the targeted audience. In our recent interview with the CEO of G2 entertainment and studio, he made mentioned of not going to sign an artiste base on the fact that his song is dope or mad tune, but on the basis of the artiste profile and his or her versatilities in the game.

So, I therefore had to made this write up to get indie artistes ( unsigned artiste) informed on 8 things they need to know. 

  1. Be yourself: I have seen lots of artiste trying to sound like the likes of Olamide, Davido, wizkid and the 2face of this world. I will just say hell NO to this kind of orientation. Nobody can be like anyone in this industry and survive even anywhere in the world. Photocopy can never be compared to the original copy. And that reminds me of one of Banky W’s statements on the popular project fame show. He said ‘ so many artiste dropped their songs to him and some even came to his studio but most of them sound like wizkid, which was actually an offside flow’. You just have to be yourself. Truly wizkid or Davido might be your role model, but you can’t expect them too to exonerate you for sounding like them. The truth is we have Olamide already in this industry, we don’t want another Olamide, so be yourself. 
  2. Unique style: No doubt about joining the latest trends in the industry, but what if you are not capable of doing what is trending? Are you going to blow yourself up? Lamba as its popularly called in Nigeria is a must to have in every artiste project just as some people will advice. But come to think of it, does singing or dishing out Lamba means going out of your style completely? The truth is you don’t have to if you can’t. Banky W came and conquered, he only blended his style with Naija tunes but he never changed his singing style. Cohbams is doing fine as well, and Timi dakolo till today still banging awards. Davido in his recents statement on his Sony deal, said he decided to change his mind on the deal because he was asked to change his style of singing that would appealed to the Americans. And look at him ever since he came back with his style. Davido has been topping the chart day in day out. So therefore, my indie artistes don’t ever change that your unique style of singing, and if you don’t have one detect it now. I believe everyone has a unique voice. If your friends or family can recognises you on phone through your voice then you should have a unique singing voice and style too.
  3. Build yourself vocally and lyrically : Most of the song I heard today from upcoming artistes are saddening and sour so to say. How can an unsigned artiste who is still looking for the greener pasture and the limelight started bragging about unseened millions in his account and latest Range rover and Ferrari while he or she is till hopping keke napep. Just be real with your lyrics. Look at what wizkid (holla at your boy) used to break into the industry, look at Davido (Omo baba olowo), Olamide (eni duro), lil kesh ( lyrically) and more.
  4. Power of social media: Don’t under estimate the power of social media in your career. In my research on some artistes that got their breakthrough via Social Media, the popular and world wide known artiste Justin Beiber started off through YouTube. Mayorkun of DMW was signed into the label via the social media, Olamide signed his female artiste through social media just to mention few. Use your social media wisely. Build your Facebook page or profile professionally. Your Instagram bio and twitter profile should indicate that you are an artiste. Post good pictures and videos that depicts your work because that’s the only platform you have to manage your career. Don’t fake it to make it. It doesn’t work for everybody. Wale turner had just 4000+ twitter followers when he dropped his “No” singles. Having 30k followers on Instagram and you can’t get 100likes on your post is disheartening and barbaric. Come on, nobody is a dummy here. Gather up real fanbase first, those who will repost and share your posts. Be real.
  5. Invest in your projects: I keep wondering why some artistes will be looking for freebies all around. The top artistes you see today have invested a lot into their music. To dish out a project, you should have a reasonable budget set aside for it. If you are recording a song worth of 3k and you put it on the blogs of your roomies or homies that has only few 50 trafficks per day. Then you should know you just released a community song (lol). Come on get off it, go to a good studio that has good equipments that won’t crack your voice and get good sound engineer to mix it for you. You don’t have to break the bank to get the top sound engineers like Sukasound or indomix. There are lots of sound engineers that will give you a nice tune. Then set a money aside to put it on a blog that will push it for you. Paying gigantic money to top blogs to put your song on it doesn’t make people download your song. But you can liaise with the blog admin and let them give you a good promo with proofs. Paying 2k for 30blogs link will only get you recognised as one of the cheap products outside. Notjustok pushed up Davido’s career as lindaikeji did to wizkid. Get good blog or PR who will post your song on a blog, sponsor it on social media platform, get it on radio and TV, then get you on real shows not community gatherings.
  6. Power of OAPS: On air Personalities are those that work with real radio and TV stations not some hallucinatory people, so to say as they called themselves now. Getting your song on air will make you go professional. Then having a radio interview will boost your career to the professional level. But coming up for TV interview will get you the real fame as that has to do with your real face. People will get to know you, how you look and so on. And apart from the aforementioned OAPs can make and break you. Permit me to remind you of Olamide‘s feud with Hip Tv during the popular “Headies award” immediately after Olamide‘s displayed at the event. Hip TV dished out some Olamide flaws. That was even by the way, Olamide knew the effects of what he did, and he came up to apologized. The same happened to Psquare and Soundcity, but with time they both settled as Peter and Paul management settled the fued. The truth is most of this OAPs know theirselves and work together. Having good rapport with one OAP can link you with many of them and the same happen when you have issues with one of them.
  7. Passion pay off: Recently, I was talking to management of an artiste about a project of mine and I really wanna get his artiste on it to push him. Then all he could ask for is administrative logistics. I was shocked cause I was even expecting him to say how much are they paying me to get on my popular show. To be factual, as an artiste who is still looking for that good platform you must have passion for music. Don’t be after the money first. Do some things for free or for a stipend. Peter of PSquare in his recent interview with one of the TV station said, they were collecting #700 at some points in their career upon series of free shows they have done. Your passion for this will reward you one day. Spread your name first in a professional ways, then the money follows. 
  8. Atend shows: Lastly, I will implore every Artiste to attend gigs. Go to shows, see the organisers, perform for free, let them give you few minutes to display your talent. My interviewed with skiibii, he said Kcee and Emoney saw him while performing at one show in Surulere and there his story changed. 

I hope this piece will enlighten so many readers and broaden their hosrizons on dishing out some nice tunes as well as managing them. Do not hesistste to share this link and you can get it on your blog too but giving me my credit is required or you will see me taking the legal action.


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